Genius Easy Kitchen Accessory Projects 46
Genius Easy Kitchen Accessory Projects 46

20+ Genius Easy Kitchen Accessory Projects

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If you have got your sights set on the kitchen for your next home remodeling project, then you are making a wise decision. Remodeling the kitchen not only makes the space much more comfortable and useful for you, but it also increases the value of your house should you decide to sell it at some point in the future.

The first step to take when you choose to remodel your kitchen is, of course, to decide what you want your new kitchen to do for you. Once you’ve decided on what you want that kitchen to do, though, it’s then time to talk components and accessories. These are the pieces that will help you build and create the kitchen of your dreams. What these pieces will be will depend on what the goal of your new kitchen is, of course. If, for example, you really love to cook elaborate recipes for your friends and family, then you may choose to create a kitchen space that is set up like a restaurant kitchen and affords you better tools and work surfaces to craft your meals. These types of kitchens are popularly called “prosumer” kitchens, a term that is a combination of the words “professional” and “consumer.”

If you are going for the prosumer kitchen, then you want to get a new refrigerator and range in one of the many very popular stainless steel designs, as well as enough cabinetry that you will have ample work surfaces and counter tops. You may even want to bring in a kitchen island with a sink or cook top to make your work areas more spacious and efficient. Having enough storage space is very important to a home chef, and you will find that the more storage space you add, the smoother you will find using your new kitchen will be.

In addition, kitchen accessories like the hardware you will need for all that new cabinetry are equally important. When it comes to cabinet hardware, you want something that is durable, easy to clean, and still looks great. For a prosumer styled kitchen, satin nickel drawer pulls and drawer handles are a great choice. You will find that they hold up well to the rigors of daily use – even when they find a home in the kitchen of a budding gourmet chef – and that their brushed finish makes clean-up a snap. Sleek and stylish, satin nickel knobs and pulls look good and work hard in your kitchen, and they are a great way to tie the different design elements in the kitchen together.