Cute Kitchen Wall Clocks Ideas 06
Cute Kitchen Wall Clocks Ideas 06

30+ Cute Kitchen Wall Clocks Ideas

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All kitchens need a good kitchen wall clock as part of the cooking equipment, but they are also an opportunity to enhance your décor and reflect your personality.

There are decorative kitchen wall clocks in any style you may like. For example, if you have a minimalist style of kitchen, a digital wall clock would fit in well. If you’ve got a large, plain wall available you can make a statement with a bold, large wall clock. If you have dark wood kitchen cabinets you could choose an antique wall clock reproduction to complete the ‘old world’ look. Wooden gear clocks always provoke a lot of interest and comment if you’ve made it yourself from a kit. In fact, the only type of timepiece that you won’t see in a kitchen is probably a grandfather clock! Let’s have a look at four types of kitchen clock and see which one appeals to you:

The Lexington Studios ‘Time for Tea’ kitchen clock has a very clever ‘trick of the eye’ effect. It’s a large, kitchen wall clock that looks just like a real shelf with a teapot, cups and saucers on top and cups hanging from beneath! The colors are bright and cheerful and it would add charm to your kitchen. This clock is a limited edition and is individually signed and numbered by the artist. It measures: 14.5″ H x 18.5″ W x 1″ D and I think it would look wonderful on a blank wall space. The price is about 70 dollars with free shipping right to your door. I would class this as an arty, bright and pretty, feminine type of clock and it suggests a comfy kitchen where there’s always time for a cup of tea and a cozy chat.

If your kitchen is a temple of stainless steel and strict efficiency, I’ve got the perfect kitchen wall clock to complement your look. It’s a round design of two stainless steel discs with no numbers, just large black spots where the numbers usually are. The hour and minute hands are broad and black, with a red second hand to give just a hint of color. It’s made by Rosle Kitchen Utensils and is a clear, non-nonsense timepiece designed to hang in a serious kitchen. The size is 9.3H x 7.1W and it would probably suit an ultra-modern black and chrome type of home décor. It costs 111 dollars.

My next kitchen wall clock is a trendy Cubist Retro wall clock which you can buy in any one of 7 really bright colors. The clock surround is square and made of easy-wipe thermoplastic and there is a convex glass cover over the white dial. The numbers are Arabic and very easy to read in black to match the black hands. It measures 9.4H x 9.4W and it has such a wide range of colors that you would find it easy to get one to match or contrast with your main kitchen colors. This plainly styled but vibrant kitchen wall clock would fit well in almost any type of kitchen. It costs just 32.99 dollars.