Modern Ingenious Play Room Ideas For Neutral Gender Ideas 43
Modern Ingenious Play Room Ideas For Neutral Gender Ideas 43

30+ Modern Ingenious Play Room Ideas For Neutral Gender Ideas

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Your child’s play room is one of the most fun rooms in the house to decorate. You can go crazy in this room and it’s ok! Using bold colors, organizational tools, and area rugs, can help you keep this room fun and low maintenance. Below are some ideas to help you get started.

The play room is the one room in the house where you don’t have to be afraid to over-do it on colors. This room should be stimulating! Feel free to use your child’s favorite color, and if you have more than one child, incorporate more than one color. Another idea is to use chalk board paint on the walls. This paint, when applied, makes the surface a chalk board. Your kids can then decorate their own walls! You should feel free to let your creativity flow in this room. Remember to keep it kid friendly, as they are the ones that will spend the most time in this room. You should try not to make it too stuffy, or grown up. This is the one space where fun meets functional.

Employing great organizational tools in the play room will help to keep it low maintenance. Using baskets, or shelving, to keep toys separate will help to keep it organized. This is also a great way to help small children learn how to pick up their own spaces. If everything has a spot to go, then they should have no trouble picking it up after some teaching on where to put it. Remember to put everything at their level. After all, this is their room! Shelves that are too high just means you will be putting their stuff up where they can’t get to it, or put it away. Everything, other than art work on the walls, should be put at a level that children can reach and access.

Finally, you can add area rugs to a play room to designate different areas. If you have little boys in your life that love things that move, then add a rug with roads on it in a corner. You can designate this as the moving center. Place a basket with all of their cars and trucks in it and voila! You have a separate center in your room. If you and your child love to read, place another rug in a corner across the room. Add some bean bag chairs and you have your reading center. Teaching your child how to use different play centers or areas, can help prepare them for school. Most kindergarten classes employ the use of centers and if your child already uses them at home, then they are one step ahead!