Modern Contemporary House With Amazing Wood Construction And Details 45
Modern Contemporary House With Amazing Wood Construction And Details 45

30+ Modern Contemporary House with Amazing Wood Construction and Details

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The interior design of a modern contemporary style house always makes us very amazed. The house is not only well designed so that the atmosphere feels warm; but the utilization of high quality wood elements that dominate the house makes it look natural. Let’s just start our brief tour to a modern contemporary house designed by Jati and Teak.

1. The Facade and Carport
How is your first impression when you get to the front of this house? Doesn’t it look calming to the eye with the shades of green vines? The facade features aluminum column casing, paired with natural wood finishing in the interior design and the decorative column. Very artistic.
The architects prioritize the utilization of high-quality wood element as the dominant material, combined with glass element for maximum natural lighting. For this house, the wood materials chosen are ironwood and teak wood.

2. Living Room
The living room looks magnificent with the high ceiling. In this spacious space, the architects maximize the room function by integrating the living room, dining room, and kitchen so that the family activity can be centered in this area of the house. From this angle, we can see the second floor area that looks modern with transparent glass wall.

The house construction also relies on the utilization of several types of dark colored wood. The ironwood dominates the floor area, decking, and grilles. The right combination of the wood color with the bright color of the furniture makes this living room seem bright and lively.

3. Family Room
The combination of glass and wood materials make a stunning look of the family room. This room is perfect for spending a quiet afternoon relaxing or reading a book.
Quality teak wood is used for the wooden wall screen that looks unique and make the room feel airy. It’s a cool modern contemporary design.